Goldtone and Silvertone Items

Assorted Rayban Sunglasses available. E-mail for more information and prices.

Aviation Branch Coin. Official Aviation Branch Coin (second edition) recognizes the Army Aviation Warfighting Center. Antique bronze finish. A Museum Gift Shop exclusive: 2-U $6.50

Items 2-V thru 2-Z available in Tie Tack, Joint & Clasp Pin, Charm, Tie Bar or Money Clip $6.50 each

Aviation Earrings. 2-AA - Branch, 3-BB - Apache, 2-CC - Chinook, 2-DD - Huey, 2-EE - Master Wings, 2-FF - Senior Wings, and 2-GG - Regular Wings $12.50 each

Aviation Branch Lighter. Silver Zippo Lighter - 2-HH $22.00 Also available with Gold Warrant Officer Seal $22.00

Aviation Branch Keychain. Two-tone insignia on goldtone keychain - 2-II $7.00

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