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Corporate Sponsorships

The Museum Foundation solicits and accepts contributions designed to restore, recondition, or supplement artifacts currently in inventory and slated for exhibit.  Many aircraft or artifacts in the current inventory are not in condition to be exhibited.  While funds are being collected for physical construction of future phases, the Foundation seeks assistance from the industry in preparing the artifacts for display.  Many are one-of-a-kind prototypes or variations, with no other copy in existence.  The restoration and maintenance of such aircraft can be costly, but the alternative is losing a piece of history forever.  Corporations sponsoring or co-sponsoring an aircraft or exhibit will be recoginzed with a plaque near their exhibit.  Sponsorship may involve the entire display, or components of a display, and must meet the requirements of the U.S. Army Aviation Museum. 

Another way that Corporations and businesses can provide sponsorship is by advertising on this web site.  Advertising fees go first to pay for the production and up keep of this site with remaining funds shared with  the Aviation Museum Foundation, Inc.  Advertising cost are very reasonable and  help us get the word out about the U.S. Army Aviation Museum.  For more information about the costing of advertising on the U.S. Army Aviation Web Site please contact the [email protected]. 

Corporate Gifts and Contributions 

The Aviation Museum Foundation, Inc. supports the U.S. Army Aviation Museum through funding for special projects which are ouside the scope and budget provided by the government.  The Foundation, a nonprofit organization governed by a board of directors who volunteer their time and talents, reviews projects on a case-by-case basis to determine whether or not the Foundation can financially support such projects.  Projects funded by the Foundation must meet certain criteria: 
Enhance the appearance, condition, or educational potential of current displays and exhibts, meeting accepted industry standards and practices. 
Increase awareness of the U.S. Army Aviation Museum and educate visitors on the role Army Aviation has played in history. 
Increase visitation to the Aviation Museum, thereby increasing revenues in the Museum Gift Shop, which provides further support to museum projects. 
Enhance cooperation between the Aviation Museum and the surrounding communities in promoting tourism to this area of the state. 
Increase contributions from individuals or corporations. 

Capital Grants 

Through the generous contributions of industry, civilian individuals and organizations, military personnel, and Federal, state and local government agencies, the Museum Foundation was successful in constructing and turning over to the government Phase I of the U.S. Army Aviation Museum, which opened its doors in 1990.  While the Museum Foundation continues to support and enhance the current museum, it has not lost sight of the original plan involving multiple phases of construction.  The current building displays only a portion of the aircraft, archives, artifacts, and memorabilla which comprise the U.S. Army Aviation Museum collection.  The Foundation has a long range plan of construction, and is working with Army and museum officals to coordinate construction at a rate that can be supported upon completion.  Preliminary sketches and floor plans exist for Phase II, and construction milestones will be paced so that aircraft and isplays are in exhibit-quality condition up completion. 

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