Vietnam Memorial
Vietnam Memorial

A new memorial was opened in the museum in June 1995 -- the Vietnam Memorial. This memorial room contains the name, rank, and date of fatality of all known Army Aviation personnel who suffered combat related aviation fatalities, in airplanes and helicopters, during the Vietnam conflict from 1962-1975. The 4,347 names represent pilots, co-pilots, crew chiefs, crew members, door gunners and medics, to include 1,889 who were never recovered. A statue of an Army Aviator with helmet in hands stands as a monument to those who died in service to their nation. The body of the statue was sculpted and the hands, arms, and head are the cast of a real person. The helmet, flight suit, flak jacket and combat boots were worn in Vietnam. The conventions are the same down to the dogtag tied on the lace of the boot in addition to the dogtags worn around his neck.

The memorial exhibit is marked with a map of Vietnam superimposed with a silhouette of a UH-1 Huey. The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association provided a master list and sent a member to program the sign-making machine for all the names. The Dust Off Association, Vietnam Helicopter Crewmembers Association, and Otter Caribou Association also assisted in providing information to the museum.

This memorial is a wonderful addition to the museum and definitely fitting to remind us of our lost loved ones.

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