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10 Jul - 25 Oct 1997

DR Tierney

Fort Rucker has a lot to be proud of but the new museum tops the list. I enjoy visiting it and every time I go it has gotten better.
Ltc(Ret) John C. Bedsole,Jr. http://www.asalvacom.com/bedsole/

good site could use some more info on assault Helicopter companys like 187 th
Howard Pascoe 101st ABN Vietnam 68,69

I need a photo of a Army uh60 with a rescue hoist
hector hernandez

Started out in Class "81-18: Light Blue Shining Through!"
Enjoyed the site. Keep up the great work. Steve
Steve Nielsen http://www.dzn.com

Keep up the good work. Army Aviation needs a lot of supporters and you're on the right track to get them.
R C Barnes, Jr., LTC(Ret) - 31st Trans Co. (Lt Hel)

It is good to see the Army Aviation Museum. I served at Cairns AAF, outside of Ft. Rucker, with USAAVNTBD in 1967 and with 101st ABN at Camp Evans, RVN, in 68-69. I am planning to put the aircraft photos I shot on a website this winter. I am also thinking about including the day to day photos of Company D. 158 AHB at Camp Evans RVN. Keep up the wonderful work! -jzak
John C. Zak

worthy, gary


The Army Aviation Museum is among the best (above the best?) in the Army. It makes me proud to have been an Army Aviation NCO for 22+ years. Please visit if you get the chance.
SGM Gregory L. McCann http://safety.army.mil

It's nice to see more exhibits were added since the last time I was there in 92. Great!
Alan E. Bacon

This is truly a great idea. As I have spent 20 years in the U.S. Army Aviation, it brings a lot memories some good some bad. Keep up the good work and hope you plan expand more in the future.
SFC (Ret) Nathan Moore

WORWAC 66-7/9
Don Bennett

Good work.
worwac 66-15/17; 281st AHC; 25CAC; 210AHB
CW4, USA (Ret)
Brent H. Gourley

Class 54-L Fort Sill, 937th Eng Co (Avn) Canal Zone 58-62 Airfield Op Det, Marshal Field Ft Riley 62-63, HHC 145th Avn Bn 63-64 Bn SGM, CSM (Ret). Great Site.
F W "Pat" Ryan

Very nice web site, Did the museum get RU-21A 08113? If so when will it go on display? I hope to take my dad up there and show him the a/c I served as a mission operator. Great to be a part of history. Keep up the good work.
Andrew Rodriguez


I was very interested in the gift shop. I knew a few people at Rucker: Ernest Hinojos and Christopher Allen is my boyfriend. Go Air Cav!
Carmen Bethel

Great site. Hope to visit when 3/17th Air Cav has reunion in your area.
John M Connor Jr

ray connor

118th Aslt Hel Co Bien Hoa
66 / 67
I will be visiting Rucker 10/97 & looking forward to
the museum
Richard Stevens

Visited your museum life in September 1997, your site is just like the real thing. Love your 3D picture.
G.J. de Rover http://www.worldaccess.nl/~rovergde

Ex - Army Aviator, Graduated at Ft. Sill in 1952, served at Salzburg, Austria; Fort Bragg, NC, Korea, Ft. Sam Houston, Tx.
John W. Barron http://www.mindspring.com/~jwbarron/

Nice Site. The subject of Army Aviation usually gets shortchanged by historians. Hopefully, your Web Site will change this. For those who are interested in Army Special Mission Aircraft, see: http://www.jnpcs.com/dbuley
Dennis Buley http://www.jnpcs.com/dbuley

Would love to find someone that still may have an old Huey, HU-1B flight manual, that would
be from the mid-1960's, as Robert "Bob" Mason told me he can't
find his from his 1965-1966 tour in Vietnam, nor after his discharge in 1968.
Randy Moore

Vietnam was before my time for I was born in 1961, but I still get sad at the thoughts of all the great people that gave up their lives for what our country said was right. But, I know in my heart that none died in vain. We all do what we have to do in this world and then things come to an end. I think it is great that all of you keep their memories living forever. May God bless each and everyone of you.
Dale Harmon/Tennessee State Trooper

This is a wonderful site. I am very impressed. I am glad to be living in the Wiregrass with such a great tourist attraction.
Sonya Bovee http://www.asalvacom.com/boveelee

Sgt Richard B. Bragg

MAJ Kyle M. Monsees http://atscweb.atsc-army.org/USAALS

CV-2B crewchief 1962-5 (1st & 62nd Avn Co, 187th Trans Apl Co).
P.T. Smith

Kathleen M. Kyburz Abbey

Colonel(Ret)Ercie J. Leach

I'm looking for a 1/35 scale model of an OH-6 Cayuse.
It's made by DML. The model has "Miss Clawd" markings
from the Vietnam War. I visited the museum about 3 years
ago. I loved every minute of my visit. Thank you.
Mike Hopkins

Great to see the interest in Army aviation. Plan to visit the museum soon. Class 69-17, let me here from you. I did First Infantry and 117 Aviation tour in VN.
Robert Garrison

Nice display!
Hope to visit the new museum in the near future!
I have just published a new WWII Aviation book called:
Book is described on my URL
John W. Swancara http://www.centercomp.com/cgi-bin/dc3/gallery?704

HHC, 145th Combat Aviation Battalion,
Bien Hoa, Vietnam
Sept. 69 - April 71
Kenneth P. Saunders

Am VietNam Vet helicopter pilot and recently brought my father for a visit. It was very enjoyable for him! He is a WWII Air Force officer/navigator and enjoyed the vintage airplanes as well as his son's helicopters..Thankyou for the wheelchair support!
CW4 Gilbert F. Wright

D Co., 227th Aslt Hcptr Bn, 1st Cav Div
An Khe RVN
William P. Stewart

This has to be one of the best sites I've ever visited. I'm 15 and I love helicopters. I hope to someday be a pilot for the Canadian Coast Guard. Thanks for this great site! Keep up the good work!
Ashlee Jamieson

119th AHC, Pleiku, RVN, 1967-68, Croc 5
Class 66-23

Enjoyed your site. Hope to get back down soon to see the museum.
LTC (Retired) Al Fitzgerald

Looks great!
William S. Stewart


Member ORWAC 66-14. Last assigned Ft. Rucker 1976 - 1978.
Great web page. Am presently receiving U. S. Army Aviation Museum News
Lt. Col (Ret) Jeff Thomason

Glad to see a web site like this. Good job ! Was at Ft.Rucker in 66. Then in Vietnam with 121st Assult Hel. Co. Vikings and Tigers. 67-68. I believe you have one of our old birds there. Again, THANKS for all your hard work on the museum and the Memorial.
Chuck Drone

Nice site but you would need to put some photos up to make it complete
James Lovett


David L. Kenny, Maj(Ret)

Flight Class 67-9
121 AHC '67-'68
Viking 22
Hal Duensing

TRWADDELL http://www.aviationmuseum.org/guestbk.htm

Would sure love to visit the museum for real someday! I am definitely into helicopters..the military ones...but have never been a pilot, and at 49 I don't think that will happen anyway!
Clif Smiley

I recently was able to return to Mother "Rucker" as we used to call it. I have some very fond memories of there, like watching Gen Mac Authors superconnie land on the little strip behind building 6010, and watching the cheyenne helicopter doing rolls over that same little airstrip, many more it was great to vist again. It was like coming home. "well Done"
Jerry D. McBee http://www.tlcsem.com

Great site!! Served as Army Aviator in Vietnam during
1965-1966 and again in 1968-1969. Having lots of trouble
finding anything on Delta Aviation Battalion or otherwise
known as the 13th Aviation Battalion (Combat Assault).
Raoul LeBlanc

Ramon wiessner

WORWAC Class 67-9. RVN 9/67-9/68. 213th ASHC (Chinooks) Looking forward to a trip to "Mother Rucker" sometime in the next 2-3 years. Haven't been back since flight school.
Timothy L. Stott

Bruce D. Silvey

I like the army aviation program .
I will like a photo of one apache in combat
Francisco A. Piquet Pietri http://www.aviationmuseum.org

great museum, great web site!
Andy Miller

Glad to have found you! Especially considerng you have
a Scout chopper, 65-12962, which was in our Scout platoon while I was in Vietnam. The C.E. at the time
was Schwartz and it was with A-Troop, 3/17 Air Cav of
the 1st Aviation Brigade.

If you happen to have a gif or jpg of that chopper, I would be most appreciative of you sending me a copy!

Our Squadron is considering Ft. Rucker as a reunion site
in the future.


Roger Young
Vietnam '69 - '70
Roger "Bear" Young

Great site! I'll visit often...
Terri Gatrell

Army Aviation since 1976 OBC/IERW1985 Love the Museum-great place personally visit every time I return to "Mother Rucker"
Bob Knuth http://www.lz95.lake.k12.il.us/

Visited the museum on 06OCT97. It was IMPRESSIVE! Exhibits were obviously well planned and beautifully reconditioned. From an old USAF Rescue chopper pilot - SEA 1970-1971 - THANKS!! BIG BUR
Burwell Block

David L. Kenny, Maj Ret

T. E. Chilton http://www.jagc.army.mil

Great job people! I am a website developer and ARNG Army Aviator and I am very impressed by the site. Keep up the good work. Scouts Out!!!!
Colin McCourt http://www.intertradenet.com

Graduate class 68-509
Gary Saunders

please send me a gift shop catolog.
Alan E. Bacon

please send me a gift shop catolog.
9841 N.Heron Place
Tucson, Az 85742-9625
thank you
Alan E.Bacon

Love the museum and web page would like to see picture if CH37 Mojave. Crewed this aircraft States/Korea/Viet Nam Keep up the good work
Harry W. Licht

Great job promoting Army Aviation
Class 83-16; 243rd Aviation Co Ft. Lewis
271st Aviation Co Korea
147th Aviation Co Hawaii
2/52nd Avn Regt Korea
MAJ Dan Stewart

Looks good---good work neighbor---MEM.
Michael E. Malone

I'm glad you finally got the net site up and running. It looks wonderful. I didn't realize that your RU-8D was serial number 56-3712. That is only one ship away from my U-8D 56-3714 (N 3204A). My bird spent most of it's Army life at Fort Rucker doing Exec. Transport and Photography according to the log books.
Ralph D. Livingston

Mark Friskel

Thomas Maloney

I have visited the museum twice and each time I discover something I missed previously. I am impressed by the displays and the efforts of your staff to bring about a true picture of Army Aviation.
CW3 Chris Belobrajdic http://www.siue.edu/~cbelobr

Bill Gunneson Fort Belvoir,Va

Site looks good, keep up the good work.
Vietnam 67/68 & 70/71
Cobra's in Germany 72/76
David L. Singer, CW4 Ret

nice we site and the museum is outstanding
was stationed at Ft. Rucker 1958-1960
attached to Aviation Board; worked for HUMRRO
tim ivers

Michael A. Kiel

Jesse H. Slaughter

The quality of your efforts is evidenced in the exhibits. Its a treat to go through and see a couple of machines I flew - by tail number.
CW5 Jim Gould

Nice start on the web site. As an old Aviation Warrant
I appreciate the dedication of you and your staff. Many
happy new years to all
CW-4 Gordon F. Eatley , USAR

"Warlord 28"/"Sidewinder 28"
117th Assault Helo Co. RVN
17 Jan 70 - 17 Jan 71
Chief Pilot-Helicopters
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co
Aviation Department
174A Airport Road
Westchester County Airport
White Plains, Ny 10604
Richard N. Dutson

Enjoyed vising your web site. Flew UH1's, AH1G's and a few others(Raider 21 in RVN). Currently flying a T41B. Keep up the good work.
P.S. Noticed your server was running very slow.

James H. Paulin, Jr.

I was in the 57th Trans Co. -- Flew H-21's at Ft. Lewis and in Viet Nam 1960-1962
William H. Brethour

Visited there about 4 years ago, was very impressed. Flew Huey's with the 281st AHC IN 65-66
John W. Green III

429th Medical Evacuation Battalion
Savannah GA 31406-3999
1LT John D. Niedzwiedzki

Robert Alsop

Always great to visit Fort Rucker, even if it is via cyberspace.
Jeff Snow

Always great to visit Fort Rucker, even if it is via cyberspace.
Jeff Snow "Breeze"

CSM F W "Pat" Ryan

Class of 54B, Army Helicopter Pilot Training Class
George P Brummitt

Glad to see Ft. Rucker and the museum represented. I have many fond memories of my time spent there.
Mike Bergen,Cpt. USAR, AV

David L. Kenny, Maj(Ret)

I was there in 1967 Welcome to the web.
Thomas Meyers

Michael L. Schwab

Lighting Attack
Spc Garagnani

Good Web site. Hope to visit the museum the next time I'm in that part of the world.
Class 69-39; A Trp 3/17 (1970)
Robert Root

good graphics and lots of info don,t have any info on apache helicopters

Good work on the site. Keep it up!
Milton W. Schober, Jr.

Loved it! Brought back lots of old memories as i'm an old AVSCOMer from early 57 to early 89 and grew up with Army Avaition... Good Job guys and gals!!! Cheers...
Larry D Swann

I was assigned to the old Aviation Test Board from
1972-1977, crew chief on the C7A Caribou.
Dan Gilbert, 1SG (Ret)

i visited fort rucker this year, and just stumbled
across the web page.
tony bradburn

Never get tired of reliveing the memorys you Museum brings back, thank you..
Darwin K. Russell SFC Ret.

Looks as if the Museum is much larger than I remember it from 1970 when I was stationed at Rucker. Hope to visit again soon.
Gary E. Zeller

very nice, need more like this
Larry W. Burkes http://worldnet.att.net

Michael Cobb

Thomas Glass

Good site, am looking forward to the new gift shop site.
1SG Adam E. Runk Jr.

Thanks for making it possible for aviation people not stationed at Fort Rucker to see the museum.
Kurt A. Bishop

Do you maintain an email list of Army aviators?
CW3 Llewellyn Buck

F. E. Johnston

searching for info/history re: Co.B 25th avn Bn 25th Inf.Div
and C trp 7/1 Air Cav Sqdrn 1st avn. 1969-71 (Cu Chi & Vin
James J. Farrell

Outstanding museum. As a retired Master Army Aviator it is nice to see the professional, dedicated work put in to the center museum. It brought back great memories of how far Army Aviation has come and points out the "people" sacrfices along the way. My hat is off to you all. Great job, I cannot wait to visit again.
LTC (Ret) Michael Schuster

Thomas Maloney http://www.frontier.net/~aircav

I think I'm the only old, bold aviator in existance. Loved flying that Cobra and that Apache.
CW3(Ret) Robert Sheplar


Very nice. I am employed by the Daleville City School system. We are very proud of our connection with Army Aviation and the Museum.
Jimmy E. Pirkle

I have visited your museum in the past. As retired Army Aviation NCO I appreciate the effort of your museum in bringing Army Aviation to the public.
Matthew J. Golden

Glen McCarty

Class # 67-11 Thirty years ago this week was the beginning of my Army aviation career. WO1 Jack D. Parr
Jack D. Parr, Maj. U.S. A. (Ret)

SGM Greg McCann http://safety.army.mil

Floyd R Cudd

Justin Ripley

57th Assault Helicoper Company
Camp Holloway, Pleiku, RVN
CW3 David E. Bedard

I really enjoyed the site. I'm taking lessons in a H-13E which has been converted to civil Bell 47G standard (H-13G).
I'm a huge fan of anything to do with the 47 series. Do you have anything in the gift shop having to do with the aircraft? Also, I saw the Boeing YL-15 on your list. Is it on display or awaiting restoration? I've always wanted to see one.
John Boyle

my first visit-great work

ACHPC class 54D

john connor

Good piece of work!! Charge
Col(ret) Joseph R. Koehler

I was assigned to the USAAPDT aka Silver Eagles in 1972 and was wondering if they were still in service or have been disbanded. I was one of the original Crew Cheifs of an OH-6 at the inception of the group. Any information that you could give me would be appreciated.

Thank You
Michael Richards

David L. Kenny, Maj(Ret)


MAJ John M. Traylor

Am Exec Vice President of Army Otter-Caribou Assn. Enjoyed seeing "080" on page 3 of recent museum newsletter. Anyone interested in our group can call me at 1-800-626-8194 - Keep up the good work.
Bruce D. Silvey

Hi, I'm Lt. Justin Coveys Mom. Enjoyed your Information on the webb.
Yvonne Covey

Class of 90-19 light blue flt. apache 7/6 cav conroe Tx
CW2 Daniel Flores

good site! looking foward to a worldwide list of aviators
Bill Roberts

Enjoyed finding your site. My dad (LTC John "Jack" Joseph Miller) was an Army aviator and he was killed in 1971 at Ft Rucker as a result of an airplane accident.
Lanny Miller

charles talsma

Life member of the museum. Nice to see you on line
Russ Kruse

Ken Gesch

CW3 Jim Mizerak

nice home page. . .next time I'm near FT Rucker I'll drop by. My grandfather was an army aviator, maybe I can come up with something cool of his to donate to the museum.
MAJ Dodson R. Marrs

Nice Job...
Tom Mathews

I enjoyed your page, I found it very interesting. Thank you
Lisa Clough
Lisa Clough

AOL won't let me download the viewer for the virtual tour.

I was an Army Aviation Museum tourguide back in '82.

Tell me, is the store "Wings" right outside the Main Gate still open? If so, please e-mail me their address/phone or web site address.

Victor C. DeBolle

Learned about your Web Page from the last Executive Committee Report. Great initiative by the best museum staff in the military. Keep chargin' Steve!
MG(Ret) Dave Robinson

1SG Adam E. Runk Jr.

ray connor

Simulators for educational purposes and computers to show helicopters and Army planes that are not in the Museum should be made available in the Museum.
Donald Ethington

Very nice site. Keep up the good work. Army Aviation is
not well understood by the general public. (189th AHC, RVN
Bill Brittain http://brittain.cod.edu

Bco 6/101 Avn Regt
Oct 89 - Sep 92
Sgt. Robert O. Witmer

Michael Benton

Phil Hogle


Kathleen M. Kyburz Abbey

Wonderful web page. Keep up the good work

Victor A. Carpenter

Now with office internet access, I'm able to enjoy your website. Can't wait for Ray to finish up our ad so I can see that when I visit the next time.
David Thill

Truly a nice site. Grand Rapids Michigan
Francis Rawlinson

As I stated yesterday I applaud your efforts--Good start and I enjoyed it. I can't believe you showed no picture of the OV-1 Mohawk--The one aircraft that gave you intell. 24 hrs a day. This was a valuble assest to J-2--at least the 131st was, up in Phu Bai. Anyone in the 131st knows what I'm talking about, but don't ask those guys in the 73rd. Maybe someday we will hear the real story of the OV-1 in combat; in particular, the 131st. Thanks anyway for a great service to Army Aviation that your doing by having the museum. Joe.
Joe Koehler


121st AHC 1967-1968 Vikings -- Viking 23
Charles "Pete" Peterson

I'm from Brazil and I love helicopters... Congratulations... Great site!!!
Hamilton Fernandes de Amorim

Can't wait to visit in person. Was a member of the original
First Aviation Company that ferried CV-2 Caribous to Vietnam in 1962.
Don Jones

attended uh-1 course 1966, lot of changes since then.

Thank you all for maintaining an important part of our history. As a Viet-Nam era AH-1G crew chief stationed at Cobra Transitional School at Hunter Field, Ga, I am pleased to see the Cobra displayed as your healiner.

If anyone has leads to Dash Two AH-1G Maintenance manuals please e-mail.

Daniel Marks

Was a pleasure to see how the new museum is coming along.
Looks great.
Colonel Jim D. Keirsey, AV

CW2 Jeffrey Day

Thanks for the E-mail Shay.
Michael Cobb